Label: Flood The Earth Records
Genre: Rock
Online: Artist Website


Aphotic formed in April of 2000 out of the remains of Green Bay’s Dusk and Crawl. The Original line-up being Keith Powers-bass/programming, Steve-guitar/programming, and Chad- vocals. Just a few months later they entered the studio and recorded their first self-financed EP... Aphotic. It was recorded in seven hours and mixed the next day. Very soon after it was obvious that having only one guitar player would hinder the growth of Aphotic musically. Keith switched to guitar and Chad to bass and exactly one year after recording the self-titled EP; Aphotic entered the studio again to record Under Veil of Dark, (August 2001). This was much more in the vein of what the band wanted to achieve although it was still a self-financed 'demo'.

The next step Aphotic took was to add Jason on drums, and exactly one year later again; Aphotic entered the studio and recorded Stillness Grows. This time the programmed drums were completely removed in the studio and replaced with live ones. Although this did some good for the sound quality, the recording was incredibly rushed to the point of almost stopping and ending the entire project due to the limited self-financed budget. Aphotic decided to keep going and finish it within their time restraints and hoped for the best. The drawback being that it was never able to be released like the previous two EP’s, and so it sat for years with few ears ever hearing it.

In the winter of 2004, Flood the Earth Records contacted Aphotic and a distribution deal was quickly reached, as well as plans to release the unreleased Stillness Grows EP, along with the two prior EP’s, on one full-length album. This would showcase all of Aphotic’s self-financed demo material together for the first time and give a chance for a larger listening audience. The album, entitled Stillness Grows, was released by Flood the Earth Records in June of 2004. Shortly after Jason had to part with the band due to his job.

Still without a record contract, Aphotic decided to put forth the money to record a new EP. The four newest songs were selected and in November of 2004, Steve (guitar/drums), Keith (guitar/keyboards), and Chad (vocals/bass/lyrics), entered the studio once again. It was decided that more time would be taken to ensure that Aphotic’s true sound would be achieved in the studio. The session was very successful and the EP was entitled To Find New Darkness. Cursed Productions agreed to release the new EP along with the last unreleased Dusk EP, The Slumber, from 1997, as a split CD.

In August 2005, Aphotic decided to end its five-year struggle to get signed and officially end the band. One last self-financed EP would be recorded and released…not to be mass produced and distributed, or to be sent off as demos or promos, but rather to end the band on a high note with a very high quality limited release…for the self-satisfaction of the three band members and for a way to say ‘thank you’ to the loyal fans…