Analog Birds
Analog Birds
Label: Risk The Rook
Genre: Electronic / Rock
Online: Artist Website


Building off their first release, the eclectic Monkey Knife Fight, Analog Birds have finally emerged as a band ready to make the next step: Don’t Let It Slow You Down (RTR002). The nine song EP displays a new sense of maturity for the band. Through their production and song-writing techniques, they have crafted an album that pushes music’s boundaries to the limit. Each track introduces the listener to new instruments and melodies, brought together to form a release that shows both the bands versatility and reluctance to create retreads of other peoples' music. Don't Let It Slow You Down is the group's "electro-rock" album. Choosing to display their more electronic abilities, Analog Birds have created each track around a cut-up drum loop or drum machine track, while maintaining an organic feel throughout by carefully integrating acoustic and electronic instruments which span the gamut, from ethnic instruments to electric guitars and drum sets. The band cites many artists as influences, including the Beatles, Led Zeppelin, Marvin Gaye, Depeche Mode, Ween and Caetano Veloso. Elements of each are evident in DLISYD. From complicated arrangements found in “Green City”, to the infectious melody that drives “Beanie” and the lyrical and musical narration of “Through the Woods”, the listener will be sure to find surprises both within and between tracks.