Label: Risk The Rook
Genre: Electronic
Online: Artist Website


As long ago as 3rd grade, Zirafa (a.k.a. Farsheed Hamidi-Toosi) has been writing songs. While back then it may have been layering kazoos on hand-held tape recorders, he quickly began playing piano, drums, and any instrument he could get his hands on. Armed with a 4-track, musical ideas, and the idleness of middle school, he began recording demos in his kitchen, cooking up tasty songs and noisy tidbits. He soon found like-minded friends, and together they cultivated their own scene in a town devoid of any particular musical history or movement by sharing songs, collaborating, and rocking local venues. Soon afterwards, Farsheed moved to Illinois to go to college, forcing him to start from scratch. During this rough transitional period his computer took on a life of its own, often freezing, crashing and remixing his new songs. While recording his debut full length, “Turnstyles” (RTR003), his computer had a complete meltdown and all of the original masters were lost forever. Luckily, he found a partial CD backup, but there was no way to remix or remaster the songs. After reworking and re-recording as much of the material as possible, he finally released "Turnstyles" as an EP in 2004 in spite of the tragic turn of events