Label: Neurodisc
Genre: Electronic
Online: Artist Website


This quartet formed during their study at The Royal Conservatory in The Hague while working on their own individual projects. Ferry Ridderhof and Peter Garnefski began working together as Doop in 1994, reaching # 1 in the UK, Japan and several other countries. The duo worked on several other projects including Hocus Pocus (hardcore-techno) and Sponk (funky disco house). Joined by Hans Weekhout, who’s responsible for the techno classic “20 Hz” under the Capricorn moniker as well as many other classic progressive and ambient cuts, delivers his cutting-edge tech finesse.. Edward Boellaard rounds out Peplab, bringing his Blackburst hard-house credentials to the plate. Their debut album spawned several singles, including “Welcome To The Bear” (remixed by Ferry Corsten aka System F) and the funktagious “Ride The Pony” (sought after and remixed by Norman Cook aka Fatboy Slim). As Peplab, the four have honed their production skills and developed an explosive live show, resulting in an impressive list of appearances across Europe.

“We recorded the album “Drive” between spring 2001 and winter 2002. It felt really good to lock ourselves up in the studio and track these babies while the world was taking a strange turn. Keep believing in the delicious wonders of music!” – Peplab