Square One
Label: Freerange Records
Genre: Electronic
Online: Artist Website


Hot on the heels of his three highly acclaimed EPs, DJ, musician and producer Mark Wadsworth, aka Square One, presents his debut long player Round One. Mark has been pursuing a deeper house approach in recent times. With his recent Mettle Music album Honeycombe Lounge on Toko and his Mtrax project releases on Low Pressings & Nordic Trax as testament, you know he’s hitting the spot!

Freerange regulars will know of Mark from his previous incarnation as Yennah, co-producing the 'Red Noise' LP and much lauded 'Dyadic Shift' EP. Well, all that lush deepness and live musicianship is still there with Square One, only kicked up the arse with fatter, more rolling grooves ready to move the dance floor.