Squeaky Fromme, The
Squeaky Fromme, The
Label: Mocking Tone
Genre: Rock
Online: Artist Website


"The Squeaky Fromme really ought to move to Wisconsin, where cheese is worshipped; here on the East Coast, they're only going to confuse indie scenesters too culturally constipated to know how to enjoy themselves." –Jersey Beat

To some that might be the end of a horrific review, but to NYC's The Squeaky Fromme, it seemed that someone got it. Connecticut natives Damien Pratt and Dave Murelli Jr. had trouble keeping their bands together. Not understanding the local scene's obsession with haircuts and high fashion, they set out to do the unthinkable: make a rock band, just a rock band. Merging the Arena Rock, and Classic Rock from their youth with the Indie Rock they love, The Squeaky Fromme have created a sound that has been compared to everything from Husker Du and Dinosaur Jr., to BTO and Peter Frampton.

Picking up guitarist Nina 57 and the Brother Jim Wood on drums, The Squeaky Fromme can now be scene in rock bars in NYC and all over the East coast. They still haven't gotten an "Image".