mcenroe and Pip Skid
mcenroe and Pip Skid
Label: Peanuts & Corn
Genre: Hip Hop
Online: Artist Website


Since releasing two very well received solo albums, mcenroe and Pip Skid had been thinking about taking a few ideas and themes from their respective records a little further. The result is this 10 song double EP, the 33rd release from Peanuts & Corn and their first for 2005.

mcenroe released his long awaited first solo album, disenfranchised, in 2003 to rave reviews. He continues hatin’ on the corporate machine with "Big Box", a very hype anthem against the mass merchant and their dominance. Its infectious strings and high energy delivery will certainly make this a memorable song. Other sequels include "Too Real" which highlight mcenroe’s blue collar goals of a house and family over fame and fortune, and "For Service In English, Press 2" which examines the westernization of the world.

Also included are three new mcenroe tracks - "Get Busy" which is a Break Bread crew bio, "Old School" which is a nod to the unwritten (and forgotten) rules of hip-hop culture, and "Captain Emo", mcenroe’s reaction to the pigeon holing of the Peanuts & Corn sound.

Pip Skid also continues the ideas of Funny Farm with "Identity Crisis", where Pip wonders why he gives so much of his personal life to perfect strangers in the form of rap songs. "My 1 Mom" is a sequel to "My 2 Dads" and is one of the most sincere songs devoted to a parent you are likely to ever hear. "Magnifique 2" is just hot rap over a banging beat, and "Barry The Hatchet" introduces Pip’s alter ego, Big Barry Banks.