Die Monitr Batss
Die Monitr Batss
Label: Troubleman Unlimited
Genre: Rock
Online: Artist Website


Die Monitr Batss is no longer a spin-off from the formidable blues-punk of The Gossip. The band is taking it 100% full-on while The Gossip go through downtime between records. The group features The Gossip’s guitarist Nathan as its singer/guitarist, as well as Nate from the hot band Sleetmute Nightmute.

Unlike The Gossip, the sound of Die Monitr Batss owes more to no wave and art punk influences like Mars and Teenage Jesus & The Jerks, or even The Residents.

Their songs have a youthful passion and playfulness not found in the carbon-copy stiff Gang of Four disco punk groups that are popping up these days. Their live shows usually leave the stage in shambles, and the crowd in awe.

The saxophone goes apeshit and the guitars flail all over the stage. The drummer looks like Animal from The Muppet Show.

All of this in Sparkling-clean white costumes and white bandanas over their mouths. It is definitely a sight to see, and it is no wonder their legend is growing more and more. They are poised to become the greatest!