Label: Autres Directions In Music
Genre: Electronic
Online: Artist Website


A classically trained pianist, Laurent Girard went electronic years ago when he made the acquisiton of a synthesizer. With it he began creating his own blend of textural instrumentals and swirling soundtracks. Almost a hermit in his hometown of Nantes, France, his musical focus remains on the melodies, with eddies of sound and beats melding together for a sound that is recognizably his own.

Two years after his acquisition of that keyboard, Laurent send a first tape to London-based Tugboat, then a second a few weeks later. Label boss Glenn Johnson passed them onto to Static Caravan who released the first 7 inch. After a few more singles for a variety of labels he published his first album, QuietNoiseArea on Disasters By Choice (Italy) in 2001, A Possible Way of Spending Time on Peter I'm Flying (France) in 2002, and A Slight Difference in the Air Pressure (Peter I'm Flying). These releases as Melodium have gained Girard a recognition around the world, and with Anaemia we see Melodium's first stateside release and his most melancholy album to date.