E Rock
E Rock
Label: Audio Dregs
Genre: Electronic
Online: Artist Website


E*Rock is the founder of Portland based Audio Dregs Recordings, publisher of Thumb zine and a widely published visual artist and illustrator. After several years in the making E*Rock delivers his long awaited debut CD.

His sound is colorful and highly melodic electronic music formed from a variety of instruments and sound sources including: guitar, flute, synthesizers, live percussion, field recordings, and toy instruments. His production maintains an organic quality not unlike that of his brother E*Vax. The music flows with a acoustic-electric methodology, at times very abstract, constantly deconstructing, but always with an underlying pop sensibility.

E*Rock has previously released a collaborative EP with Harald "Sack" Ziegler (Staubgold, Mouse on Mars, Tomlab) and an album with his other "group" Carpet Musics (Audio Dregs), as well having made at least half a dozen compilation appearances in the past year. In addition E*Rock has produced soundtracks for dozens of projects by New York animator Mumbleboy, including a piece displayed last December in Grand Central Station.