Michael Johnson
Michael Johnson
Label: Must Delicious
Genre: Electronic
Online: Artist Website


I, Michael Johnson, was born in Miami, FL on the only day in recorded history that the steamy city saw snow. I was relocated by my parents to the bustling metropolis of Cantonment, FL at a very young age.

I grew up among baseball fiends, Burger King managers, hog show judges, lawn mower racers, and country music superfans. I picked up a guitar at age 11, beginning my long tromp toward the ridiculous world of "indie rock".

I left the green pastures of Cantonment at 18, hoping the Gator-friendly city of Gainesville would provide more opportunites. I found these opportunites, sort of.

While in Gainesville, I became a band whore. I played a variety of instruments with bands as diverse as The Horrible Death Sensations, Black Pegasus and the Congratulations Fruit. One band from this era still exists: Sub Pop's token rednecks Holopaw.

After Gainesville, I lived in Pensacola for a couple of years. I worked a day job, and began producing audio for Staremaster. I also maintained an obsessive home recording pace. Nothing has been released commercially until now.

My first release, Nonsense Goes Mudslide, is more or less a reaction to sudden recognition. Holopaw and Staremaster both received national exposure in 2003, following years of anonymous toil. It all seemed a bit absurd to me. So I wrote some songs about it.

I began to record one song each weekend for about two months. Most of the songs on this album come from these haphazard sessions. Certainly, these are not polished studio creations. They were recorded, basically, with an arsenal of broken equipment.

I gave out a shitload of CD-R's after I finished recording what I thought was a fairly cohesive batch of songs.

The folks at Must!Delicious, friends since Gainesville, decided they wanted to release it. So, they did. And here it is.

I hope you like it. It means you no harm. Nor do I.