Label: M3rck Records
Genre: Electronic / Hip Hop
Online: Artist Website


Deceptikon is Zack Wright of the Pacific Northwest. Currently living in Eugene, Oregon, he has toured and played concerts around the US, including Washington, Oregon, California, New York City and more.

Grade school hip-hop tapes and junior high alternative rock were major influences in his early years, and an interest in electronic music was sparked after hearing 4-track sound collage tapes being made by a friend in high school. Several analog synthesizers, record collections, guitars, software titles, and drum machines later, the Deceptikon alias was born.

His first public performance as Deceptikon was at Reed College in Portland, Oregon alongside Merck recording artist Machine Drum. Through this almost chance meeting he was introduced to the Miami-based label, and they immediately expressed an interest in releasing his work. His debut 12" release went out of print only four months after it was released on Merck in January of 2003. Lost Subject is his first full-length album, a work of almost four years in the making. Containing tracks from the original Merck 12" as well as a pile of new material in the same vein.