Label: Vice Records
Genre: Rock
Online: Artist Website


Conceived in Brooklyn, NY, during September 2000, the Panthers are a five-piece who all have history playing in illustrious groups. Jayson Green, Geoff Garlock, and Jeff Salane are ex-members of the hardcore outfit Orchid; Kip Uhlhorn played in the Red Scare; and Justin Chearno has credits on Unrest's Isabel Bishop EP and continues to play in the instrumental Turing Machine. Drawing from their past efforts, the Panthers combine punk aesthetics and political beliefs, much like Dischord's visceral Nation of Ulysses did during the late '80s and early '90s. Their lyrics are both rhetorical, inflammatory, and subversive.

Their Are You Down?? album, which was released on Troubleman Unlimited in January 2002, references avant-garde art movements, including Fluxus, and recognizes people such as Jean Genet and Carol Queen, who have been on the forefront of advocating alternative sexual lifestyles. Added to this equation is the Panthers' sweaty live show, complete with tambourine shaking, handclaps, and danceable rhythms. They've shared the stage with other New York acts: Black Dice, The Rapture, Liars, and Yeah Yeah Yeahs. In spring 2002, they embarked on a West Coast tour with labelmates Erase Errata.