Virgin Tears
Virgin Tears
Label: Emperor Norton Records
Genre: Electronic
Online: Artist Website


It's a funny thing about music, lemmings abound. Tell them something's cool and enough people will follow to turn a little self-important idea into a downright righteous phenomenon. Case in point: Virgin Tears. In the summer of 2000, founder, socialite, and lead-singer Dave Ziebarth scribbled the "bands" name on the toe of his sneaker. The following week he made some t-shirts and badges featuring the "bands" name, and a month later unveiled the fraud to a beseeching scene and wall to wall red-carpet treatment. Riding a wave of champagne and unmentionables, the racket continued on and less than a year later, after heating up gossip columns and garnering fake reviews in trusted publications, the smoke and mirrors that is Virgin Tears was simmering on the lips of every hipster from LA to New York.

Today's Virgin Tears can be defined with four words: dream it, be it. In only a year's time, the band has seen three extraneous members "killed off" and had now become the exclusive project of both Dave and Tyson Ziebarth. And, in the most appropriate of places, a new and more credible version of Virgin Tears was born.

While at WMC in Miami, the boys explained the concept of excess and the facade of the Virgin Tears to super-genius and super-producer Chris Holmes, the former Smashing Pumpkins member who has produced for the likes of Felix Da Housecat, Sinead O'Connor, Filter, Hole, and Veruca Salt. He embraced the idea and agreed to commit his skill and production experience to the project. For some time now, the Ziebarth brothers had been introducing DJing as a spectator sport to Southern California and it seemed only natural for DJing to become an integral part of the plan.

Like all good concept groups, the fashion world loves them - they produce all the music for, and DJ for designer Jeremy Scott's runway shows. Beyond New York and Los Angeles, the brothers have found a second home in Chicago - keeping their fingers on the pulse of house music while maintaining a monthly residence at Crobar with Felix Da Housecat.

Most recently, the boys have brought their penchant for seething electro-house to remix projects for Felix Da Housecat, The Greenskeepers, and Lee Jeans. And while the Virgin Tears have been hard at work on their first studio album, their over-the-top , high-energy DJ sets have been relentlessly kicking international dance floors square in the ass.