Dub Trio
Dub Trio
Label: ROIR
Genre: Electronic
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Dub Trio play live dub—no soundboy, no remixing—just three guys and their instruments (plus a bunch of gadgets & pedals). They wield their instruments with gusto, as evidenced not only by their session work on recordings by G-Unit and Maxie Priest, as well as stage appearances alongside Burning Spear, The Wailers, Soulive, Antibalas, Steel Pulse, No Doubt, The Roots & James Brown, but also by the creative lengths they travel to achieve their remarkable sound and revolutionary concept. For example, Joe drumming one handed so he can hold to his snare drum the microphone connected to an echo chamber.

Dub Trio are DP Holmes (guitar/ keyboards), Stu Brooks (bass/ keyboards), and Joe Tomino (drums/ melodica). It is hard to believe that Exploring the Dangers of is the creation of a mere three instrumentalists whose aim is to perform complicated studio techniques LIVE, with band members playing multiple instruments, manipulating samples, and triggering effects all in real time. The resulting sound is massive!

By incorporating elements of electronic, punk rock, and jazz, Dub Trio are simultaneously revolutionizing and paying homage to King Tubby’s original style dub. Like any great band, they make it sound so easy. Using the simplicity of dub to house a complex & unique musical vision, Dub Trio are creating something entirely new.

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Dub Trio
song:One Man Tag Crew
album:Cool Out and Coexist (ROIR)
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Dub Trio
song:Drive By Dub
album:Exploring the Dangers Of (ROIR…
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