Thomas Fehlmann
Thomas Fehlmann
Label: Plug Research
Genre: Electronic
Online: Artist Website


Born in Zurich, Switzerland, Thomas Fehlmann first came to prominence after meeting Robert Fripp in Hamburg in 1979 when the guitarist was touring his "Frippertronics" project. In Germany 1980 he formed the synth Ppop/post Punk band Palais Schaumburg with whom he recorded 3 albums.

Fehlmann's solo career kicked off in 1985 when he moved to Berlin and began experimenting with samplers and synths. It was also here that he became involved with the local techno scene and began producing other artists. In 1989 a meeting with Alex Paterson saw Fehlmann getting involved in the producing ambient band THE ORB, a collaborative association that has lasted many years.

  Thomas Fehlmann was later involved with the Berlin Detroit Techno scene and helped to bring DJs like JUAN ATKINS, KEVIN SAUNDERSON and UNDERGROUND RESISTANCE over to DJ in the German city. He also helped to forge a Techno alliace between Detroit and Berlin and formed the 3MB Team along with Moritz Von Oswald (aka Basic Channel) producing a serie of works with some of the best Detroit DJs like EDDIE "FLASHIN'" FOWLKES and BLAKE BAXTER. As a solo artist Fehlmann has released several Ambient EPs on the respected Belgian labels Apollo and R+S . Since 1995 he has been an activist with the legendary Berlin-based Ocean Club, which since 1998 has been broadcasting a radio show - now worldwide. After releases on ~Scape Records, Belgian labels R+S and Apollo and an album "Visions of Blah" on Kompakt , he now appears on the wonderful LA based label Plug Research