Pleasant Grove
Pleasant Grove
Label: Badman Recording Co.
Genre: Rock
Online: Artist Website


Pleasant Grove so named for a Dallas, Texas suburb, was formed by co-vocalists / guitarists Bret Egner and Marcus Striplin. They were drawn together by a vision to write and play music that captured raw melancholy melodies laid out over slow spacious rhythmic harmonies. With a revolving door of drummers and bassists, Pleasant Grove released their debut album, Pleasant Grove, on Last Beat Records in 1999. The album oozes the down-and-out ache of Texas country yet still flows with the sonic outbursts of an electric Neil Young, the Flaming Lips or an out of control Alex Chilton.

Germany's Glitterhouse Records caught Pleasant Grove's stunning SXSW 2000 Music Showcase. The label quickly snapped up the band and released their self titled cd in Europe.

Pleasant Grove's line-up has solidified with the addition of Jeff Ryan (drums) and Tony Hormilosa (bass). With the new rhythm section on board they began work on their next album. As the album took shape it was evident to the band that the music was going in a new direction. The original vision, however, was not lost, but rather expounded upon.

Which brings us to the present state of and new beginning for Pleasant Grove. In late February of 2003 communication began between the band and Badman Recording Co. Badman is home to such acts as Mark Kozelek of Red House Painters, My Morning Jacket, and Hayden has now become the perfect home for the band. Pleasant Grove recorded most of the album at Closer Recording in San Francisco with Dylan Magierek (Mark Kozelek, Call and Response, Erlend Oye) at the helm and the rest in their hometown of Dallas, TX with Stuart Sikes, who has produced acts such as The Walkmen, The Grifters and The White Stripes.