Label: Interchill records
Genre: Electronic
Online: Artist Website


Bass, Sweat & Tears is Gaudi’s fifth solo album and the long awaited follow up to his 2000 release Earthbound. It is an organic fusion of dub and nu-beat with a global mix of influences. It is inspired by native cultures from around the world and takes the listener on a journey from Burkina Faso to Iran, Pakistan and Northern India; from Papua New Guinea and the Amazon rain forest to Italy and Spain. Bass, Sweat & Tears is an evocative, deep and elegant work in which indigenous themes and global beats contrast and compliment each other.

The key undertaking in Gaudi’s work is to unify different forms of music fromaround the world and represent them in his own personal style, while at the same time, keeping the heart and significance of the cultural roots. Bass, Sweat & Tears has been three and a half years in the making and in that time Gaudi has worked with and recorded a total of 42 musicians from across the world, making this album an original and quality production. His experience and expertise as a producer and artist is not only in evidence in this album but also in his live performances. With his band, the ‘Gaudi Live Dub Laboratory’, an eclectic and multi-instrumental quartet plus guests, he performs tracks from Bass, Sweat & Tears as well as other new and unreleased material. In recent years Gaudi has been in demand as a dub/world music DJ on the European circuit as well as continuing to meet an ongoing demand for his skills as a remixer - most recently remixing tracks for Lamb, Ojos de Brujo, 1 Giant Leap, Simple Minds and Bob Marley’s ‘Soul Shakedown Party’ for Universal Music. (full remixes list here)

Bass, Sweat & Tears, with its blend of global influences and style that evades categorisation, reflects Interchill’s philosophy that irrespective of which corner of the globe it comes from, good music is good music. Bass, Sweat & Tears is not however confined to just one corner of the globe.

On the 18th September at The Coliseum in Rome, Gaudi presented the first performance of his latest commissioned work ‘Elemental’, with Michel Moglia and his ‘Fire Organ’ - a unique and spectacular 2 ton fire-driven instrument! (orgue-a– Several tracks from Bass, Sweat & Tears were featured in the unique performance which attracted an audience of 350,000 people. Elemental will be now performed in China, Hungary and Greece.