Set In Sand
Label: Abandon Building Records
Genre: Electronic
Online: Artist Website


No one knows the true story of Moses's first rendition of the ten commandments. Sure, the bible says he threw them to the ground in a fit of rage over the Israelites calf worship and what not, but that's just Rome propaganda. Actually, they simply drifted into the wind. Why? Because they weren't set in stone. The gods' first communication to man was set in sand.

Set in Sand: an impermanent definition, ever drifting from one form to another. A symphony of eboed guitars, pots and pans, vicious glitches, and vocal samples that trick you into liking it.

While much of modern dance music boasts of being intelligent, Set In Sand is genuinely cerebral. A stiff blend of various forms of world music, all of a nomadic gypsy variety, with hardcore electronic noise that makes even roadkill twitch rhythmically.

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Set In Sand
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