The Firebird Band
The Firebird Band
Label: Bifocal Media
Genre: Pop / Rock
Online: Artist Website


The Firebird Band is Christopher Broach and John Isberg.

Broach and Isberg have spent the last 3 years thinking about music,writing music, playing music with each other and with other bands, recording, working, and trying to decide what to do about finishing this new record – The City at Night. After much deliberation and more than a few line-up changes, Broach and Isberg decided to release their new album (the first of 3 in a trilogy of albums) this fall 2004 on Bifocal Media and Lucid Records. The two have been working on these songs since February of 2003 – some of these songs were in the beginning stages at the end of 2001 – but, it started to get worked out in the beginning of 2003 with the decision to write and finish a new album and start taking The Firebird Band back out on the road full time in 2004. They holed up in a cottage on Lake Kegonsa in Wisconsin to write a new album – after almost a year and a half off from playing in The Firebird Band. What came out was a new sound and a new idea for The Firebird Band, as Broach and Isberg have become the only two members of this once 4 piece (although the members rotated and shifted over the last 5 years – and even before when it was called The Firebird Suite and The Firebird Project) and have taken that aspect of being just two writing and recording – and used it to their advantage to become even more of an electro-hybrid band. Playing with whatever and whoever they need to tour, and recording with whoever and whatever they need to make the music fit together.