Label: Abandon Building Records
Genre: Hip Hop / Electronic
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The new album from DoF Mine is May feels not so much like a collection of songs, as it does field recordings from an imaginary place. Stolen snippets of pigmy tribes, guitars, and pianos peacefully co-existing with laptops and synthesizers. Mine is May is an aural translation of high altitude maps, where land blends with water and clouds into a blurry symphony of brown white and blue. It seems as if DoF is on a non-violent safari, head hunting the haunting echoes of acoustic melodies waning and waxing with digital war drums.

Please don’t let this wistful description fool you into thinking that this music ever noodles or poses as anything but intricate and inspired song craft. In fact, every track on MIM is complete unto itself, with moods ranging from ass shaking anthems, to hypnotic lullabies. The songs structure jumps from frantic electronic polyrhythms to drumless compositions were the shyer sounds get to take center stage. While these varying musical approaches may seem like polar opposites, DoF creates a unified feel of witful beauty, held together by grimy background soundscapes and across the grid immaculate production. Every sound is so crisp and clean you can literally feel its textures scraping across your ear canal. Mine is May is smooth as melted buttery dreams, and simultaneously jagged as a bitter sweat love affair, an intriguing bundle of noise that lends itself equally to moonlight headphone meditation or rambunctious mid afternoon tea parties.

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