Sheveks Masada
Label: Abandon Building Records
Genre: Electronic
Online: Artist Website


One of the most interesting aspects of interacting with mad genius turntable scientists is sorting through all their multiple personalities. When we first met Smaze, a funky monk painting hip hop production with constant variation in the rhythms and melody, he went as Beneath Autumn Sky, a groovy blend of dub and lo-fi house that never fails to get the party started.

More recently the crazy kid's been calling himself Sheveks Masada, (the parking lot were origami druids go to die. or so he claims) a continuation of the BAS feel, but with a glitchy more experimental twist.

Now he's stopped by with Hip Hop for Dishwashers Scumballs and Upstarts an elegant compilation of all these previous projects, with a reinvigorated dedication to keeping the diy style proudly front and center.

Sheveks Masada has the amazing ability to make a few chopped words riding the rapids of his beats more meaningful then a hand full of poets could conjure.