The Occasion
The Occasion
Label: Say Hey Records
Genre: Rock
Online: Artist Website


Have you ever witnessed a twilight that lingered so long, you almost forgot there was still night to follow? The Occasion brings us back to this place - a place where space and time seem lost, where music abandons all linear concepts and moves only to fill the vast expanse.

As the cover art of an arid wasteland suggests, listening to The Occasion leaves you feeling small and alone, yet surrounded by something as familiar and warm as the desert wind. This may be due to the subtle evoking of John Cale's black magic, the stunning, yet dense layering layering of Brian Wilson, the enigmatic building of Pink Floyd, or maybe it's the merging of what has become familiar technology into it's most organic and tangible form. Either way, The Occasion draw you into a dreaming place where your senses are stirred and the slow repetition of the phrase 'eaten out by a moth' somehow becomes beautiful.

The Occasion are a New York-based band who, after three years together, have evolved into a line-up as puzzling and involved as their sound. Lead and backing vocals switch between acoustic/electric pianist Brent Cordero, guitarist Jordi Wheeler, and drummer Charles Burst. Marlon Sporer contributes a careful and melodic bass backbone, while Sara Shaw acts as a figurative and literal eye of the tornado with her cerebral tape loops and supplementary percussion. The Occasion have developed a fanbase by touring with Interpol and The Unicorns and have played shows around NY with Inouk, On! Air! Library!, The Double, and more.

There is little more to be known about The Occasion than what you hear, little more to understand than what lies before you. The Occasion - 5 bodies, 10 hands, one monolith of sound that is not soon forgotten.