David Singer and the Sweet Science
David Singer and the Sweet Science
Label: Engine Studios
Genre: Rock
Online: Artist Website


DAVID SINGER first began playing music with Chicago's quasi-legendary KID MILLION, who released three albums (Pillow Talk, Heaven Smiles on Every Bastard and American Tabloid) to massive critical acclaim and equally massive public indifference in the 1990s. David struck out on his own with 2001's The Cost Of Living, enlisting friends, family and whoever else he could find to play with him on the ensuing tours. In 2002, this new amalgam of wuss-rock superstars released Civil Wars as DAVID SINGER & THE SWEET SCIENCE. After touring venues large and small (and some that were really more like glorified lean-tos) the band returned to Chicago to record The Stars Burn Out with indie rock icon and Badfinger aficionado Brian Deck (Modest Mouse, Iron & Wine). David hurt his foot onstage while opening for Spoon in 2002, and when it gets humid he walks with a barely noticeable limp.