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Terbo Ted is a multimedia artist living in Oakland, California. He's self-published 6 albums of electronic music, the most recent of which being Terbo Ted is Dead, released July 2003. His current material is leaning heavily towards lo-fi retro techno pop, although his existing body of work is much more eclectic and hard to digest.

In the late 90s, Terbo created Speedbass, a hardcore techno genre. Terbo ran the now-defunct, which had a brief international run peaking near the millenium year of 2000. He DJ'd around the world in support of his landmark speedbass album, Terbo Ted IV.

Terbo is also known for mad electronic cutups of beats, breaks, sound effects, terrifying noise squalls (he's won two Chaorin Kombat trophies) and fast tempos. He was the first person ever to DJ at the Burning Man Festival to an empty playa on a dusty Friday afternoon in 1992. He was a pioneeer laptop DJ in the late 90s, having played his style of turntablist scratching and mp3 playlists on four continents.

Strangely, Terbo also plays in a rock and roll band known as Chief Enablers.

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Terbo Ted
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