Build an Ark
Build an Ark
Label: Plug Research
Genre: Electronic / Rock
Online: Artist Website


BUILD AN ARK is a Los Angeles based creative music ensemble that was formed as an immediate peace action. During the hysteria after the events of 9/11 the band came together to promote calmness and peace in the world. The band is led by producer CARLOS NINO and vocalist DWIGHT TRIBLE (recent winner of LA Weekly's Best Jazz act award) and includes members such as (Tribe Records founder) PHIL RANELIN, (Pan Afrikan People's Arkestra elder) NATE MORGAN, (Don Cherry + Yusef Latif collaborator) ADAM RUDOLPH, (co-founder of the Pharoahs) DERF REKLAW, Alan Lightner, Lesa Terry, Joshua Spiegelman, Peter Harris, Trevor Ware, Baba Alade, Andres Renteria, Tracey Hart, Gaby Hernandez amongst others. Together they recorded for two days, the result being a stunning collection of songs to be released under the title PEACE WITH EVERY STEP. The music is a combination of timeless soul and jazz music and includes songs by legendary saxophonist Pharoah Sanders ("You've Gotta Have Freedom"), (NB: Pharoah also recently played with the band at their second live show), Michael White ("The Blessing Song"), Stanley Cowell ("Peace With Every Step"), Phil Ranelin ("Vibes From The Tribe") as well as original vintage compositions by members of the band and new guided improvisations. Nino and Trible wrote lyrics to songs such as Stanley Cowell's "Equipoise" and "Precious, Priceless" and then Nino and the band came up with the arrangements as noted. All in all "Peace With Every Step" was made to connect a new generation of music lovers to the sound that Nino felt most directly influenced the hip-hop that he grew up with and at the same time deliver a universal message of peace, love and an end to all war.