Vordul Mega
Label: Nature Sounds
Genre: Hip Hop
Online: Artist Website


Best known for being one half of the incredible group Cannibal Ox and a member of the Atoms Family, Vordul Mega is far from an ordinary MC. Vordul is the epitome of the new breed of street mic specialist with his smooth flow and vivid descriptions of urban life. Heads that heard Ox's critically acclaimed debut in 2001, , ciykd grasp what Vordul is fully capable of. However, he was only getting warmed up.

Today, Vordul gears up for , his first solo project on Nature Sounds. Production on the album is shared by a host of east coast up and comers, including Belief, Blockhead, Ruddy Rock, and The Prof.

Vorul's influences vary from rock and roll to old school hip-hop of the eighties. Most of all he was influenced by what he saw on a daily basis living in Harlem, NY. All of his experiences on the streets combined with flawless ability of story telling are the sum and substance of Vordul's style and the focal point of his new solo project.

Prior to entering the rap game as Vordul Mega, he devoted his time to comic books, creating his own comic world complete with scripts and character development. Having the ability to tell stories with words inspired him to pick up a pen and write rhymes at the age of 13 while living in what is known as hip-hop's golden age.

"It's like dropping bombs from spaceships" Vordul explains of his approach to music. "The spaceship is unknown, it's some shit you don't know, but the bomb is some shit you know and understand."