Vanishing, The
Vanishing, The
Label: Gold Standard Laboratories
Genre: Rock
Online: Artist Website


VANISHING formed in 2000 when Brian Hock and Jesse EVA (Trashed) joined forces out of the ashes of previous bands KNIVES and infamous all girl dark- wave group SUBTONIX.. Phase one of the VANISHING took part with keyboardist Sadie Shaw (now of garage group THE HUSBANDS) in which they released their first EP In the Bat Haus and follow up LP Songs for Psychotic Children. In these recordings Jesse still played bass and the music was influenced by death rock and electronic, reminiscent of X'MAL DEUTSCHLAND or early CHRISTIAN DEATH. In 2003 Sadie was replaced by Billy Bates on keyboards and Jesse brought in the saxophone in place of the bass. With this shift in foundation the sound mutated into a heavy rhythmic pulse more influenced by the composition and structure of dub, dancehall and electronic music, while creating an even more abrasive edge. With this line up they toured the US 2 1/2 times and Europe in the fall of 2003.

Their sound has been described as everything from "Sci-fi horror disco" to "Industrial dancehall stoner goth" and most recently "future psychedelic". "Their sound is like that of Crass, Chrome, or Suicide but with a deranged Cyndi Lauper behind the wheel." In April 2004 a 12" split EP was released with Oakland's SIXTEENS which will be followed by VANISHING'S new full length album Still Lifes are Failing released in October 2004. In this new recording they have traveled farther out to uncover and project a land that is both chaotic and embracing with music ranging from electronic dance tracks to stark tabla and sax soundscapes..As the title track suggests the themes on this album deal with media projection mostly in relation to sexual politics. They are best known for their live shows which have become more and more of a frenzied spectacle, attempting always to throw down the walls between the spectator and performance..." The heavy drums and synths create a hypnotic backdrop as Jesse whirls into the crowd like Josephine Baker on speed, drenching the crowd underwater and soon everyone is dancing and screaming like mutilated mermaids at a ball".

As of August 2004, VANISHING have decided to relocate from San Francisco to Berlin, and will continue to record and move their sound into the future, while also focusing on side projects AUTONERVOUS and ZONETECH.