Rondo Brothers
Rondo Brothers
Label: Coup De Grace
Genre: Hip Hop
Online: Artist Website


The Rondo Brothers are Jim Greer & Brandon Arnovick, two musicians that met during the late 90's while playing in the San Francisco music scene. While gigging away in their own bands, both musicians found themselves doing a wide variety of production, songwriting and studio work – long-time friend and producer Dan The Automator regularly used both of them for records and live bands for such estimable projects as Dr. Octagon, Deltron 3030, Lovage and Handsome Boy Modeling School.

Jim Greer spent two years gigging with electro-lounge wizards Tipsy and started a local label (Fortune Records), signing and producing over 10 Bay Area bands in just a few years, while releasing 3 solo records and a record with his band Visitor Jim. Brandon toured the US with Deltron and with his own band Tokyomarinefire, while slowly building a studio capable of turning out high quality work.

In the Spring of 2003 the two were called to New Orleans to help the Automator produce the new album for neo-funk outfit Galactic (Sanctuary) and thus, the Rondo Brothers were born. After a very successful musical and production collaboration with Galactic, the Rondos found themselves highly sought-after for a variety of remix and scoring work for The NFL, The Gap, Footlocker, Nike, Gatorade, Lucasfilm and more - leading to long hours spent in the studio. This was then tempered by the duo's desire to make a record of their own & their concept of a Hawaiian Hip Hop album was born.

In 2004 the two were asked by esteemed Glassjaw (Warner Bros) frontman Daryl Palumbo to join his new project Head Automatica and as the three became friends, it led to Daryl's participation on the Rondo album.