Horse Noodles
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Horse Noodles was born Horace Noonkowics but his mother calls him Chris. We’re not sure why.

Mr. Noodles, or Horse Noodles, which is what we like to call him, is a young and very talented musician raised in the fabulous San Fernando Valley suburban community of Van Nuys, California. Noodles, a guitar player by trade, was alerted to the computer as a tool for making music by his brother back in 1998. “The potential for designing extremely complex music is only limited by your own imagination,” said Big Brother.

With these words ringing in his head, Horse Noodles rustled up a fist full of cash and bought a computer. Horse Noodles is a sucker for samples; whether creating or collecting every sample he can get his hot little hands on. The motto here is, "you can't have enough loops," hence a very healthy library of noises resides in the Horse Noodle world. What is Horse Noodles music? It's groovy, loopy, complex, danceable hip hop, trip hop, acid jazz, disco, funk, dub and all those other snazzy titles given to tunes of this nature. If you pay close attention to what you’re listening to, you'll hear a little of every genre. Don't be surprised to hear Horse Noodles doing some meaningful vocals on future tunes about love lost and discount days at Wal-Mart. For this eponymous debut, it’s an instrumental mosaic of audio art. So no stress about decoding deep lyrics for now. Horse Noodles has a good time making his music because these are the kind of tunes he likes to listen to. With all this said; go ahead and enjoy his CD until you’re sick of it, he's already working on new tunes for your future pleasure or to make you feel sicker.

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Horse Noodles
song:Rudys Got The Number
album:Horse Noodles (Lunaticworks)
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