The Hard Tomorrows
The Hard Tomorrows
Label: Unsigned
Genre: Rock
Online: Artist Website


ONE THOUSAND YESTERDAYS AGO the voice of Rob Pierangeli founded The Hard Tomorrows. Slouching toward their instruments in the basement of an old home, Rob and Rishi and Mike became a band. Together they write songs with four parts catchy and loud enough to subsist in spite of departed bassists, car wrecks, bad jobs and bad moods.

Last year they recorded 5 Songs at Mike’s house. They played shows at The Black Cat, DC9, The Velvet Lounge and Fort Reno. In a city without skyscrapers they lean against the walls of DC’s aging punk scene, as thin and cool as obelisks against the skyline. And what crawls onto the stage so greasy and reluctant becomes prismatic under colored lights. As drumsticks smash things the amps shutter and more lyrics start to sound like "whoa," the noise that escapes them is rock music.

The band is currently working on its first full-length with Uncle Punchy (Canyon, The Apes, Clutch) in Washington, DC.