Label: Kill Rock Stars
Genre: Rock
Online: Artist Website


Formed by Unwound mates Justin Trosper (guitarist) and Brandt Sandeno (original drummer) in 1995, Replikants at first glance might not sound much like the Olympia noise rockers. The synth and sample-laden music sounds more like trancy space rock. But the lack of structure and disregard for convention are, after all, what put Unwound at the forefront of the noise rock scene. Tropser and Sandino, along with Joe Plummer (Bare Minimum), just applied the same formless principle to keyboards, jazz and reverb, and voila, a jumble of noise, albeit unabrasive compared to Unwound. The group debuted with This Is Our Message in 1997, followed by Slickaphonics in 1999, both on 5 Rue Christine.