Grimble Grumble
Grimble Grumble
Label: Pehr Label
Genre: Rock
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Chicago-based Grimble Grumble, formed in 1996, is Christine Garcia on bass & vocals, Josh Hudson on guitar, Mike Bulington on drums & percussion, and Saleem Dhamee on guitar. These underground spacerock legends return after a seven year absence for a new studio album on Pehr. They have gone through several lineup changes since their formation almost 10 years ago.

Side project bands they’ve been in include Salome, the Barbie Army and The Thin Man.They are named after the gnome in a Pink Floyd song.

Grimble Grumble have toured with Windy & Carl, and also played the Terrastock and Herzburg festivals. A Terrastock attendee described Grimble Grumble as "one of the unexpected highlights of the festival. This is a band to watch. Beautiful, dense, swirling guitar noise that brought Slowdive, FSA and 'meddle'-era Pink Floyd to mind, grounded by a solid rhythm section, and just the right combination of chaos and melody for my taste." We couldn't agree more.

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Grimble Grumble
song:Rail Road
album:Leaves Leader (Pehr Label)
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