Ammon Contact
Ammon Contact
Label: Plug Research
Genre: Electronic
Online: Artist Website


AMMONCONTACT (aka Carlos Niño and Fabian Ammon Alston) is a hip hop production duo based in L.A. that has been releasing some of the funkiest sample based/live instrumentation beat hybrids of recent times. Their sound is minimal and economic yet richly textured and playful with the ever present and hard to acheive element of surprise. The kind of thing Sun Ra might come up with if he was around today and had a sampler.

They've made their rounds through Europe to critical acclaim with label-mate and collaborator Daedelus and Prefuse 73 (with whom Niño helped spearhead the artist run label Eastern Developments). Their organic machine -funk actively pushes the boundaries of hip-hop whilst inspiring accelerated head nods. They also also connect the generations with their hiigh level incorpoation of jazz from live sessions that Niño produces with his bands Build An Ark and Hu Vibrational. Ammon Contact have mastered arrangements that bring about powerful music. With the addition of Sol Uprising on the mic Ammon Contact is building a legacy of conscious freshness.

You are hearing the dawning. Dig it...