Five Mod Four, The
Five Mod Four, The
Label: Contraphonic
Genre: Rock / Pop
Online: Artist Website


The state of Wisconsin will forever live on in infamy for its roadside porn shops, fine cheese production, and questionable sports franchises. Adding to this illustrious mix is Milwaukee's The Five Mod Four, a smirking, smart-aleck quartet who've been slumming around in various guises for a few years now. A peculiar brand of intelligent pranksters (check the name, Mathletes; as guitarist/singer Michael Wojtasiak's former solo project, it all comes clear), these kids were bred on biting witticisms, loads of Elvis Costello and Talking Heads, early Chapel Hill punk, and discarded love notes. With a rather formidable rhythm section of bobbling, melodious bass and pert, precise percussion, coupled with the peppering of snaky guitar lines and expressive organ, the Five Mod Four shall make pop preservationists everywhere take note.