Jimmy Edgar
Jimmy Edgar
Label: Warp Records
Genre: Electronic
Online: Artist Website


A 20 yr old from Detroit, Jimmy Edgar is putting new twists into motor city musical heritage established by the likes of UR, Carl Craig, Atkins, May and Saunderson. Jimmy started music early, learning classical jazz percussion and drums as a child, followed by forays into playing in experimental bands and using tape manipulation:

"Pitch bended tape loops, cut edits, and noise tracks just from messing with the technical parts. I pretty much played whatever instrument I could get my hands on. Even picked up the saxophone for a while. Then I got my first exposure to Detroit techno, 80s hip hop and streetbeat, and things like new wave - looking back, I was pretty lucky to get exposed to these. "I listen to a lot of everything, I have a passion for bossa nova, most anything latin, 80s goth rock and experimental electronic stuff like Stockhausen, Reich, Botrishe, and Mauriz. Even then, I think I am most influenced by urban landscape, city fashion and more.."

Already making waves in the ever-watchful Detroit scene, Jimmy got adopted by the techno royalty, performing at Detroit raves with Juan Atkins and Derrick May when he was 15. A love of 4/4 still drives him and he can be found DJing out most weekends in and around Detroit. One of his best shows was his appearance at this year’s Detroit Electronic Music Festival 2003 which saw even the security swept up in the excitement, resulting in the rare and improbable sight of Detroit cops getting down to jiggy r&b electronics.

After one-off releases on Isophlux and Poker Flat, in early 2002 Miami’s M3rck label heard his tracks and immediately released his first full-length album - "My Mines I" [merck009] by the "dual alter ego" kristuit salu vs. morris nightingale

After a subsequent low-key release on as ‘Michaux’, Jimmy is now signed exclusively to Warp and his first release is the four track Access Rhythm EP, out in January 2004. Jimmy’s full-length album then follows in summer 04. To sum up his most recent output:

"Growing up in the urban decay of Detroit is really important to me, and I am very proud of it. My music has a huge Detroit techno influence, but I want it to go even further beyond that to the point where I can actually capture the essence of Detroit itself with my songs. It’s basically the feel that came out with the forthcoming LP. It’s a little bit of this, and a little bit of that, but a whole lot of me. This music describes me, and my environment, like nothing ever will. A lot of this new stuff sounds very funky, rhythmic, Detroit sounding yet with the same aesthetics as my minimal music."

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