Har Mar Superstar
Har Mar Superstar
Label: Kill Rock Stars
Genre: Pop / Rock
Online: Artist Website


Har Mar Superstar is a nasty, filthy, mean-spirited little man. He is Stevie Wonder's dark twin. He is the muddy sludge under Grandmaster Flash's turntable. He is absolutely delightful. Who else but a man with a well-developed sense of irony would include pictures of his nude, Stay-Puf soft torso in the liner notes for his album? From dissing his girlfriend's Tommy Gear to selling her ring on eBay, Har Mar uses that sense of irony, pushing tired, misongynist rap conventions further and further until they snap under the weight of too much excess and become just plain silly. His self-titled debut for the nearly always excellent Kill Rock Stars label shows off this style and more, and even the humorless and easily offended may find themselves irrevocably attracted to this recording, singing along to "Girl, You're Stupid" and more. ~ Stacia Proefrock, All Music Guide