Explosion, The
Explosion, The
Label: Jade Tree Records
Genre: Rock
Online: Artist Website


We can't think of too many bands that can pull off opening slots with Jets To Brazil as they can Sick Of It All, and that alone is reason to reassess the punk onslaught that The Explosion can bring on. These Boston natives barely needed to play more than twenty shows before the word came back to Jade Tree; the ink was barely dry before the band issued its debut self-titled EP for the label.

Formed in 1998 by vocalist Matt Hock and guitarist Dave Walsh, the Explosion's current identity started to solidify upon the recruitment of former In My Eyes bassist Damian Genuardi and Sam Cave, who spent time with Boston street punks The Trouble. As Jade Tree prepared to release the band's EP - incidentally, the same demos that got the band signed in the first place - The Explosion set out on tour and wound up simultaneously writing enough material to warrant a sidelined EP for Revelation and a 14-song blast for Jade Tree called Flash Flash Flash. Next up for these not-so-angelic upstarts? Continued touring and writing for a new album.