As One
As One
Label: Versatile
Genre: Electronic
Online: Artist Website


As One is UK based producer Kirk DeGiorgio. He is one of the key figures of the global techno underground with his visionary fusion of Detroit soul, jazz and techno on records like In with their arps and moogs and jazz and things... (1997) and Planetary Folklore" (1998) as well as running the influential Applied Rhythmic Technologies (A.R.T.) and more recent Op-Art imprints , both contributing greatly to the birth and continuing vitality of the U.K. experimental techno/electronica scenes often more closely associated with and credited to labels such as Rephlex and Warp.Formed in 1991, A.R.T. released early tracks from The Black Dog, B12/B12/Stasis, and Neuropolitique, and helped bring wider attention to a core of U.K. artists working in a vein inspired by (but not simply reducible to) the music's Detroit originators - Carl Craig and Derrick May to name but two.

The influence of experimental jazz and funk fusion are clearly heard in Degiorgio's work with his debut Clear Records release The Message In Herbie's Shirts being a direct tribute to Herbie Hancock and a claim that the great man's musical evolution can followed through the style of the shirts he wears on his album covers!

Fast forward to now and Kirk Degiorgio returns with an album that flows effortlessly across BPMs and genres. The album was born post 9/11 and initially titled "Into The Darkness". Life changes, including a move back to his native Ipswich with life partner Silvana, and the birth of their son Luca, gave Kirk a new perspective and the album changed in a positive direction to become "Out of The Darkness".

Taking time for his newly extended family allowed Kirk to broaden his focus for the album. The injection of rap and soul into this album will undoubtedly raise a few eyebrows amongst his following, but it is an obvious step from a producer who has never been afraid to mix genres and styles and to show his appreciation for a wide range of music