Gold Chains and Sue Cie
Gold Chains and Sue Cie
Label: Kill Rock Stars
Genre: Electronic
Online: Artist Website


GOLD CHAINS & SUE CIE (aka Topher Lafata & Sue Costabile) combine house, garage, punk and techno resulting in a unique pop sound. Gold Chains has already build a solid following with previous releases on Orthlorng Musork, Tiger Beat 6, and PIAS with his signature intense hybrid of rap, electro and noise.

The musical relationship of Gold Chains and Sue Cie is a logical progression of this sound and started at a bus stop in San Francisco just before they recorded their album When the World Was Our Friend. This sees the duo as an independent and equal project as two San Francisco art punks.

High quality of music and emotions are essential for them, as Topher explains: "I like getting tingles on my arms and legs when I hear a song. I guess that is the closest I can come to describing what I look for in music."

Watch out for this album with no filler, where every track is a killer!