Joggers, The
Joggers, The
Label: Startime International Records
Genre: Experimental / Rock / Pop
Online: Artist Website


Ben Whitesides sings like his balls are caught in a wood chipper. This is a good thing. The fact that the Portland, Oregon-based Joggers (Whitesides, Darrell Bourque, Jake Morris and Murphy Kasiewicz) has four acrobatic singers able to stir the melodic stew only adds muscle to their goal of putting the singing back in the song. A throwback concept to be sure but not one so short sighted as to think music as a viable form of angst-in-the-pants expression, seeped out of a piss-soaked 1970s punk amp on the Lower East Side. When the Joggers think retro, they're talking about 1870, channeling Alan Lomax-approved white boy Southern spirituals while feeding them through loopy Pavement-esque instrumental workouts.