The Rip Off Artist
Label: Tigerbeat6 Records
Genre: Electronic
Online: Artist Website


Matt Haines (aka Mateo Hernandez, aka the Rip-Off Artist) has lived many a life: illegal immigrant, in-demand Nashville country recording session player, political and social activist, offshore oil-rig driller, archeologist, and former drum'n'bass producer. This would be fine and would appear to be the resumé of a man who's lived quite a life, if only any of these things were actually true. In fact, not much is really known about quirky IDM producer Rip-Off Artist other than the fact that he has released records on Tigerbeat6, Mille Plateaux, and a handful of other labels as well as releasing material on his own INFLATABL LABL imprint. His album titles usually represent those of classic albums by well-established artists, such as Pet Sounds, Pump, The Kids Are Alright, and In Through the Out Door in 2003.