Brendan Benson
Brendan Benson
Label: V2 Records
Genre: Pop / Rock
Online: Artist Website


A native of both Louisiana and Michigan,the latter which he continues to call home, Benson was previously known, such as it is, for his 1996 Virgin effort One Mississippi, the dazzling, infectious result of a collaboration with Jellyfish's Jason Falkner that Esquire named one of "the greatest overlooked pop masterpieces of the decade." Needless to say, Benson's time on the music biz exercise-wheel didn't have a happy ending -- though record company cash helped pay for the studio at his Detroit home.

In the fall of 2001, Brendan Benson was a recovering cult figure making music on his own terms. He was hopeful -- but not expectant -- that his Startime debut Lapalco would find its way into the hearts and ears of discriminating lovers of bittersweet, melodic rock'n'roll.

Currently, Benson continues to be a recovering cult figure making music on his own terms for its own sake - to a cadre of delighted fans worldwide and unbridled critical acclaim.