Chachi Jones
Chachi Jones
Label: Lunaticworks
Genre: Electronic
Online: Artist Website


Hailing from Sacramento, California, Chachi Jones got his inspiration to delve into creating electronic music in the summer of 1997. Arriving at the genre after spending his adolescence creating countless analog four-track recording experiments; Chachi has always eschewed the trappings of conventional techno music in favor of treading new territories of sound exploration and nearly incomprehensible rhythmic complexity.

Chachi crafts his songs out of the unreal noises and robotic gibberish generated by his arsenal of homemade "circuit-bent" children's toys. His musical hallmark is a temperament between very detailed IDM glitch rhythms and delicate layers of melody and atmospherics - creating a space that is both inviting and frantically surreal. That being said, his music is filled with emotion and begs to be enjoyed, scrutinized, bumped from car speakers like Martian hip-hop or voiced softly through headphones like a melancholy love note. Chachi’s distinctive sound bears the unmistakable mark of many hours spent in a smoky bedroom studio scrutinizing and delicately refining each moment of audio.

Chachi’s first full-length album, Claustrophilia (Lunaticworks) is a moody, intense work that references many production styles and genres ranging from ambient field recordings, to glitchy hysterics, to broken breaks, to IDM. Compared to the few brashly experimental EPs he’s released on small labels such as Crunch Pod Media and Intikrec, Claustrophilia is a broadly appealing album focused more on melodic structures and emotional response than overheated effects processors and hyperactive sensibilities. What really pushes Claustrophilia out of the faceless mass of contemporary mediocre electronic music is that it is a proper album (not simply an amalgamation of unrelated tracks) that pulls the listener into a private world of its own - a world painstakingly constructed by the artist and wrought with emotion and energy. Hence the selection of the album's title Claustrophilia, meaning a desire for small, enclosed spaces.

As part of the emerging 'next wave' of the bedroom electronic music renaissance, the music of Chachi Jones has been likened to contemporaries (and underground music success stories) such as Brothomstates, Chris Clark, and Kid 606. Chachi has found a welcome home with LunaticWorks, a label dedicated to exposing bedroom DJs and producers to a larger audience.

Chachi is also an accomplished, nationally recognized writer who has contributed to magazines such as Tape Op, Heckler and Vapors and has interviewed numerous artists including Matmos, DJ Spooky, Ladytron, People Under The Stairs, Manitoba, and Prefuse 73.