Label: Jade Tree Records
Genre: Rock
Online: Artist Website


Owls are four Midwesterners who have rediscovered the home offered by each other.

After forming the cultishly-popular and youthful Cap'n Jazz (who posthumously released the majority of its recordings on Jade Tree in 1998), Tim Kinsella, Mike Kinsella, Victor Villareal and Sam Zurich centrifugally parted ways in 1994, each treading forth to sonically venture further. Some Owls investigated all things french situationalist, sparse and electric (Joan of Arc); some poked and prodded at what was grounded and intricately moving (American Football, Ghosts and Vodka). Tim Kinsella, Mike Kinsella, Victor Villareal and Sam Zurich have now re-found the chemistry that bound them together in the first place, and solidify that chemistry with the experience of each member's exploratory development.

Owls uses tools they've accumulated to build instead of extract from The Rock, naturally. Through simplying and starting over, the group rediscovered and reassessed their chemistry, writing their debut self-titled album (recorded at Electrical Audio in Chicago) via ceaseless practices without a single computer, which was a completely unfamiliar practice for some involved. Steve Albini, hired for his inobtrusive and impeccable engineering skills, scratched his head at the results of the four's use of solely traditional rock instruments.

Without any expectations or directions in mind but the songs themselves and a dedication to sincerity and expression, Owls have found that they have a solidified grip on each now-grown member's individual connection to method, producing a hybrid. But unlike the "contrived or self-conscious cut and paste genre juxtaposing" of thrash-rap or classical cheese-glam, the elements of Owls have, in Kinsellas' words, "been baking quietly for years and, now fully digested, seem natural and inevitable - no longer at odds".