Label: Jade Tree Records
Genre: Rock
Online: Artist Website


Despistado's Dagan Harding and Leif Thorseth have been best friends and next-door neighbors since they were 4 years old. The duo spent their childhood growing up in the small town of Regina, Saskatchewan - it's probably important to note Saskatchewan has been recorded as the coldest place in the world - not necessarily the perfect recipe for hot-blooded, post-punk rage. Yet somehow these two guys from a town that only gets on average 2365 hours of sunshine a year were actually able to find parallel collaborators in drummer Brenan Schwartz and bassist Joel Passmore - in late 2001 Despistado was born. The band has spent the last three years bouncing from club to club harnessing their sweltering live show while developing an unfaltering notoriety as the Canadian band to look out for. So while the now fertile Omaha indie-boom might be a direct reaction to Nebraska's frigid and barren landscape, Saskatchewan's backdrop is straight up glacial at times - garnering Despistado all the credence they might need to finally take the states by storm.