Madame Chao
Label: .01%Records
Genre: Experimental / Electronic
Online: Artist Website


Madame Chao is a multimedia artist in Brooklyn, NY, known for seizure-inducing bursts of audio/ visual chaos, applying the term 'Chaorin Kombat' to live head-to-head video and noise battles and online equivalents with video-game styled interfaces. Her body of work is extremely dense- lushly saturated- richer than one's ability to actually experience what's happening. Chao is not scared of any subject matter or sampling, gleefully romping through video edits of porn, snuff films, scatology and so on, in stop frame assaults on the viewer's consciousness. Musically, it's breakcore, speedbass, cut and paste; borrowing from: breaks, industrial, turntablism, video games, hardcore techno and more. Expect a constant rinse of Asian motifs through out their work, including Beijing B-movie samples and lo-fi Kung Fu film references. Also be prepared for full grain digital distortion; Chao puts out some of the loudest and most compressed square wave tones possible with today's available audio formats. Personal appearances are very rare and the actual identity of Madame Chao remains a mystery. It is purported that she uses doubles or imposters for some shows.