Label: Nutmeats Recordings
Genre: Hip Hop / Electronic
Online: Artist Website


This is the second solo album from Oakland, California's Balanceman (aka J.Goody) and the premiere release on his new label, Nutmeats Recordings. Following an acclaimed CD release, Well Balanced Meal on Deluxe Records in 1999, Balanceman went on to form the laptop performance crew Cat Five. 2001 brought the debut Cat Five record Katphonics on Hip Hop Slam Records. After watching the group take 2002's Best of the Bay award for "Best Electronic Band," Balanceman decided to retreat from the performance arena to complete more detailed solo work.

Welcome to Balanceland is the result of nearly two years of studio work and a fateful trip to Las Vegas. $200 in casino winnings was split between fireworks and easy listening box sets. The records were dissected into the choicest bits of audio. The fireworks burned a hole in a favorite hooded sweatshirt