Label: Tigerbeat6 Records
Genre: Electronic / Experimental
Online: Artist Website


Real Name: Slim Shadie

Born: A million Lightyears Ago

Location: Universal

The tradition of combining perversity and playfulness into a true soundclash has never left post-modern music alone, acting as culture vultures ramping their way through carcasses of crispy produced megabits to vigour sampling of smirky headlines.

Sickboy has more than upped the ante with this hairsplitting slab of digitized breakestral chaos, never suggesting melodies or functional rhythms it draws from but juggling without remorse on the dividing line between acceptability and grimy flavoured cynism. Crucially it's not the neglect of human consciousness, it's the utter impulsive sheer excitement that blends in with a deliberate throwback of mostorted needle-sharping.

Imagine a dedicated Manowar maniac with the 'wimps & posers leave the hall' principle, incarnated in a sparkling aural torturous display of mashed-up breakbeat galore. Gonna clear rooms quicker than a megaton fire alert, and sure to leave the patriotic-minded behind with a hammer smashed face. Music that'll stir up any godforsaken industrial pigeonhole with a whirlwind...

Sickboy will take it or leave it. no sum of gigs from past or present. has played with the biggest gods and demons on earth. has danced on everybody's grave and feels this world is a better place if you create you own excitement.