Label: Versatile
Genre: Electronic
Online: Artist Website


French techno / house producer I:Cube (aka Nicholas Chaix) first emerged from the burgeoning Parisian dance scene along with artists like Air, Daft Punk and Motorbass with his "Disco Cubizm" 12 inch on DJ Gilb-r's Versatile label in 1996. This release, which featured a nifty daft Punk remix, really put the name I:Cube on the map (and in a lot of DJ boxes ) and was followed by an album "Picnic Attack" , a truly stunning work that showed a unique fusion of Detroit Techno, Chicago House, movie soundtracks and environmental ambient soundscapes fused together with funk, soul and the all important element of surprise.

After releasing a string of remixes and his first collaboration with DJ Gilb'r under the Chateau Flight moniker ,the "Discobole"EP, I:Cube unleashed new musical mayhem with his series of deeply inspired and irony-tinged EPs "Scratch Robotniks", "Tropiq" and "Pooh Pah". This material was compiled on his 2nd LP "Adore" and its amazing concoction of dub, bossa, techno electro and house music opened I:Cube to a larger audience and established him as a unique and important composer.In October of 2000 Versatile released Chateau Flight's first LP "Puzzle" to much critical acclaim and this musical association with Gilb'r continued with mythical remixes of Brandy's "Ritual" , Cesaria Evora's classics.

2003 saw the release of Chaix's long awaited third album appropriately entitled "3", a very mature album that showcases the diverse talents of the man with less of the asthetic techno angle exposed in "Adore". Instead we have sever sureshots including an appearance of RZA (of u Tang Clan fame) on "Can You Deal With That?"

What's clear is that I:Cube will continue to evolve and amaze, and this opening track,"FR33Z" on Gilb'r's wonderful mix CD "Versatile Mixtape" is evidence enough.